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Intellifuse coatings on our mud motor radial bearings are based on a proprietary Liquid Metal Infiltration process. This process consists of two primary components: an infiltrant, such as a nickel-chromium-boron alloy, and a metal body; in this example, radial bearings.


In powdered form, a plastic binder is mechanically mixed with the infiltrant and tungsten carbide. The mixture is subjected under pressure to produce a “cloth-like” sheet. The carbide sheets are applied on the bearing surfaces that need corrosion or wear protection.


The entire assembly is then heated to more than 2100F, thoroughly “fusing” the carbide matrix onto the surface of the parts.


100% homogenous bond


It is important to note our coating process does not incorporate any paint, spray or wet-adhesive technology. Rather, our advanced Liquid Metal Infiltration process creates a highly uniform, 100% homogenous metallurgical engineered bond.


From a metallurgical perspective, Intellifuse coated radial bearings offer a generational advance in the development and application of wear-resistant radial bearing performance.



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