Longer Parts Life.

In oil and gas producing fields, friction and side loads cause heavy wear on downhole mud motor components that leads to frequent drilling stoppages for repairs, especially in horizontal drilling.


Intellifuse coated radial bearings defy wear to reduce the number and frequency of these delays. The results are longer drilling hours each day, less downtime week after week.


A customer reports Intellifuse coated radial bearings provide noticeably better value compared to higher-priced, carbide-tiled bearings.


Custom engineered


Intellifuse manufactures mud motor components up to 36” in length and weighing up to 1500 lbs. Intellifuse coatings can be applied to parts as small as 1”. These include flow restrictors and flow diverters.


We also contract with customers to provide protective Intellifuse coatings on a wide range of components, giving them extended service life in destructive environments.


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