Lean Operations Add Value.

At Intellifuse, our core business is manufacturing propriety and proven coated radial bearings for mud motors at significant pricing advantages.


Our business model emphasizes lean, highly efficient operations. Streamlined manufacturing and service practices eliminate waste and costly overhead, and most importantly, ensure maximum value to customers.


Intellifuse headquarters and manufacturing

facilities are located in Houston, Texas.





Located Near The Gulf

Our proximity to offshore drilling operations in the Gulf allows us to supply the diverse demands of our customers with prompt, personal service.

Next Day Delivery In U.S.

From our modern manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, we work with customers to establish ready-to-ship inventories. This ensures fast, next-day deliveries anywhere in North America. All deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Houston are free.

State-of-the-art Facility

Our state-of-the-industry facility can process parts as large as 36L x 36 wide and weighing 1500 pounds. .

Serving Canadian Markets

Our Canadian sales office in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada focuses on the needs of that country’s growing market, specifically in drilling, tar sand and heavy oil applications.

Call about our lower competitive pricing:

Intellifuse Coating Technologies


2418 Greens Rd
Houston, TX 77032

Company Phone: 346.219.0320

Email: ussales@imech.ca


In Canada:

Phone: 780.757.0770



Intellifuse Coating Technologies provides cost-saving, anti-wear parts protection to oilfield and mining industries throughout North America

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