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Many coatings are effective against one of two heavy-wear factors. But only Intellifuse coatings give superior anti-wear protection against any and all of the major destructive forces that cause component failure – corrosion, erosion, abrasion and impacts.


Their unique across-the-board performance makes them the smart choice wherever production goals are extended parts life with fewer shutdowns for replacements.


With carbide thicknesses ranging from .004” to .125”, Intellifuse coatings can be custom engineered to serve a wide range of industries and applications. These include:


Oil and Gas

Mud motor radial bearings, pumps, valves, rotary steerable tools and jar components..


Extrusion barrels die plates, screw elements and material conveyors.

Power Generations

Draft-induced fan blades, valves, screens and material conveyors.


Bearings, slurry pumps, wear pads, valves, screens and material conveyors.

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Intellifuse Coating Technologies provides cost-saving, anti-wear parts protection to oilfield and mining industries throughout North America

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