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Now mud motor manufacturers and drilling operators can turn to the next generation of coated radial bearings and take advantage of measurably longer service life.


Developed by our coatings experts with decades of experience, Intellifuse coated radial bearings are metallurgically engineered to give extended anti-wear parts protection in the toughest oilfield, mining and industrial applications.



No coating lasts longer


The facts: Intellifuse coatings form a densely uniform, highly durable metallurgical bond that adheres to iron, nickel and cobalt alloys, even on curved, complex OD/ID surfaces.


Far superior to thermal sprays or weld overlays, Intellifuse coated bearings resist chipping, spalling and galling. No bond is stronger. No coating lasts longer.


Operating advantages


Customers can count on:

■   More feet drilled per day without frequent delays to pull the drilling string for parts replacement.

■   Exceptional strength to withstand heavy side loads on mud motors.

■   No bearing lockup due to galling or chipping of the carbide surface




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